XOOM Energy, LLC

XOOM Energy Relocates Its Corporate Headquarters

XOOM Energy, LLC, a Charlotte-based energy company, announced this week it will be relocating its corporate headquarters to a larger facility in Huntersville, NC. The new facility will be just north of the Northlake area, making it central to all staff and a easy solution to the continued growth of the organization. XOOM Energy has seen unprecedented growth in both scope of service and demand for their products, this move is a direct example of the continued success. XOOM Energy provides Natural gas and electric service to deregulated energy markets in the US. This number is fast approaching 20 states nationwide and represents tens of millions of potential customers. XOOM Energy’s business model has been capitalizing on the demand ofr choice in the energy sector and the human nature of preference for choice. By inspiring competition XOOM Energy has helped to create an atmosphere wherein prices drop and the customer service needed to secure customers has improved for all providers.