Reason are passionate about technology and worked in an area where team assessment was crucial. As PC gamers and escape room enthusiasts, we saw an opportunity to innovate the escape room medium into a platform for technology exploration, team optimization, and immersive storytelling. To maximize results, we design, storyboard, build, program, and manufacture all of our games in house. We avoided franchising and buying off-the-shelf rooms so we can experiment with new technology and game mechanics on our own terms. Sometimes we spend months building a prop then finally realize why the tech would never work; other time we are glad we didn’t give up on a puzzle because it seemed hard to instrument. The joy of startup life is real. You will find us either in the workshop or on the lobby floor making you next team adventure unique, memorable, and fulfilling. Business Address-364 11th St, San Francisco, CA 94103, United States Business Phone- +1 415-800-2062 Service You Offer:virtual escape, escape room