Sibarita - Spain’s Organic Larder

SPAIN'S ORGANIC LARDER - We distribute a wide variety of plant-derived foods from Spain Cooked, protected and also dried pulses, veggies, seeds, fruits, oils as well as vinegars, rice, spices and also flavourings, pickles, jams as well as marmalades, whatever you require for paella, all of phenomenal quality, with a big option of organic products. ABOUT THE PRODUCTS Most of our plant-derived items are created in the extra northward areas of Spain from Cataluñan and Navarra in the East to León and Asturias in the West, areas which take pleasure in higher rains as well as much less severe temperatures. Navarra is understood, deservedly, to be Spain's market garden, along with neighbouring La Rioja, extending the foothills of the Pyrenees and also the productive valley of the River Ebro. A lot of our pulses originate in León, a standard pulse creating region. To the East of Navarra, Cataluña shares the geographical benefits of Navarra although, by then, the Ebro is heading south towards the Mediterranean where its delta continues its gastronomic delights with its rice manufacturing. Of course, some products, such as olives, thrive in the warm of the South. Our manufacturers are family members businesses., all totally dedicated to keeping their product high quality, achieved over generations, yet with an acknowledgment of technical breakthroughs. All of our producers are highly ingenious in creating brand-new items that, nonetheless, maintain their custom