Soundlazer VR

The Soundlazer VR, which uses planar wave technology along with a unique physical design to focus high quality audio where it’s mostly needed, is a high fidelity, full range sound system that comes with the following features and benefits: - Full range 150Hz - 20,000Hz frequency response. - A revolution in home and office listening technology. - Immerse one’s desk in high quality, ultra-clear sound. - Eliminates fatigue and stress on one’s ears caused by headphones and loud speakers. - Reduces the amount of noise distraction to coworkers. - Enjoy a much more pleasing audio experience. - No more headphones, means users can still hear other people - Use multiple units at all your desks, tables and other areas in any room. - Hang over all the TVs in the office lobby or product displays to deliver unique, captivating messages. - Place the Soundlazer Junior on a desk or mount it to any wall where you want to beam high quality directional audio.