SQI, Inc.

SQI Inc. is the world-leading open source integrator serving small firms delivering complex, enterprise-class products and services. SQI integrates “best-of-class” open source technologies and applications into business processes addressing operational requirements driven by the support needs of these products and services. Leveraging the open source revolution dramatically reduces development costs and accelerates time-to-market. Combined with “access anywhere at any time” on-demand Internet delivery, SQI is able to provide world class systems for the small firm at dramatic new cost points. SQI is a Nevada corporation founded in 2001 with corporate offices in Reno, NV. For more information about SQI, visit www.sqi-inc.com. About Client Interface Environment (CIE) CIE, SQI's flagship service, focuses on the mission critical operational interface between clients and a firm. CIE's processes and services – including direct support, knowledge transfer and business intelligence analytics – manage results and improve effectiveness in the client/firm interface – an area where costs can easily spiral out of control. With CIE capabilities, a firm can improve the “Economic Quality” of their product by increasing client ROI and reducing their own operational cost.