Talkdelta Software Solutions (OPC) Pvt Ltd

"Talkdelta is one person registered company incorporated in 2021. Talkdelta helps the option traders and delta traders to analyse their trade positions and make informed decisions. It is a software used by more than 50 brokers and 5000 traders in indian capital market. Every delta trader must use this application. They get the benefit of calculating Delta, Gamma, Vega, Theta, RHO, Delta Neutral, Gamma Neutral values of their live position. It can be integrated with any trading terminal and can able to give live analysis with live rates and positions. Below are the Talkdelta range of products: Talkdelta for Single User Talkdelta Broker Admin (For brokers) Talkdelta RM (Risk Management Software) Talkdelta Mobile APP Talkdelta Web"