The Piedmont Roofing Company

We value family, neighbors, and craftsmanship. That’s because The Piedmont Roofing Company in Atlanta, Georgia is made up of family, neighbors, and craftsmen. We believe in the value of quality, local work. The Piedmont Roofing Company is not like any other roofing company in two distinct ways that impact your home: One of the four crews that will be working on your home have been with our company ranging from 5 to 20 years. This is completely unique in the roofing industry. Moreover, our team only focuses on installing asphalt shingle roof systems for homeowners. This allows us to focus on quality, not quantity. This means when crews and project managers are at your home, you can rest assured all the nuances and details are are being addressed and will be articulated clearly to you. Unlike other roofing companies, we do not install windows, siding, gutters, or even metal roofs. We believe to be the best at something, you have to narrow your focus. The protection of your home is too important. Our greatest desire is to shake your hand at the end of the project with a smile and have you completely wowed by your experience with Piedmont Roofing.