UD On Campus

University Directories On Campus (UDOC) began in response to the increasing need of businesses to actively reach college students with field marketing campaigns and promotions on campus. Our parent company, University Directories, has made its name in the college and advertising marketplace by publishing quality campus directories & day planners for colleges and universities across the nation. University Directories currently works with over 325 institutions. The management staff at University Directories recruits students from these campuses to participate in a college advertising and marketing internship program which begins with a nationally recognized sales training. Each year University Directories brings over 700 students to Chapel Hill, NC for an intensive sales & marketing training program. The management staff trains these students to sell local advertising in college publications and helps them build the skills required to execute effective college student marketing campaigns. Students learn about marketing and advertising on college campuses, and also build skills in professional sales presentations. Since our founding, we have recruited and trained over 10,000 students nationwide, 2500 of which are currently active on college campuses. As national brands continue to recognize the importance of including a campus marketing campaign in their brand strategy, UDOC will answer with tailored campus promotions executed by trained campus reps, and driven by proven on campus marketing expertise. Our On Campus field marketing team works with all national brands and has completed work for Adobe Systems, MonsterTRAK, Napster, Bank of America, Autodesk and many others to connect these trained campus reps with brand promotional opportunities on their campus during the semester.