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Best Diabetes Centre in Hyderabad | Vito Clinics Vito Clinic is Hyderabad based multispeciality hospital in Kondapur with more than 10-plus specialties. The Vito Clinic is providing the best medical qualitative care to all patients in the surrounding areas to Kondapur, Hitech city, Masjid banda, Miyapur, Chandanagar, Lingampally, BHEL, and nearby areas in the best-in-class patient-friendly environment with the world-class Diagnostics center and 24*7 Pharmacy. Vito Clinic is with a mission of patients’ safety & best medical advice, impact-full patient education, online medical consultation, affordable medical treatment, and easy accessibility of medical facilities in the Kondapur nearby areas. Since its inception, all these facilities and medical treatment, best doctors in Kondapur at Vito Clinic, bringing in the best healthcare practices are making in the Kondapur Hyderabad surroundings. Best Doctor for Diabetes in Kondapur Hyderabad | Vito Clinics Vito Clinic is backed by Dr. Shivani, the Best doctor for Diabetes treatment in Kondapur Hyderabad. There are more than 10 medical departments that provide best-in-class medical advice. Vito clinics are designed to be considered the future of healthcare and medical services. The quality of space and the supporting facilities provided exceed any of the clinics and hospitals. We have taken special care to ensure maximum levels of hygiene for both doctors as well as patients. Space is designed while considering the current social distancing norms. Dr. Shivani | Type 1 Diabetes Doctor in Kondapur | Vito Clinic Conventionally, doctors or pharmacists who want to start a private practice is discouraged by the immense upfront expenditure of equipping the medical space: examination and procedure spaces with suitable equipment and storing, a managerial desk, a waiting space, and the doctor’s private workplace contain only a space of the essential materials and facilities. Apart from that, there are added costs of amending the space according to the physician’s necessities, such as the volume of staff required, the equipment needed to accomplish some procedures, and attractive rudiments that brand the practice and to top it off, the doctor or pharmacist will often start with very few patients, and accumulate additional obligation in the process of creating a new patient base. All these steps are being eradicated by Vito Speciality Clinics. Vito Speciality Clinics is tied up with Global Diagnostics which is a premier full-service diagnostic center with a laboratory, providing expertise in imaging and digital pathology services. Why Choose VitoClinics Kondapur? Vito Clinic Highlights: 1. Most equipped Space 2. Sanitized space for the patients and doctors 3. Flexible Terms 4. A dedicated Community Manager 5. Reception Area 6. Virtual Office 7. In-house Pharmacy 8. Medical treatment by Best doctors in Kondapur 9. Best experienced doctor for diabetes in Kondapur Hyderabad 10. Medical consultation by General Physician in Kondapur Hyderabad Book Appointment with Diabetes Specialist in Kondapur Hyderabad | Vito Clinics Dr. Sivani Payneni (MBBS, Fellowship in Diabetology Physician and Diabetologist in Hyderabad Kondapur) Top Diabetologist in Kondapur Hyderabad at Vito Clinic Dr. Sivani Payneni has abundant experience in treating ailments like Type 1 & Type 2 diabetes in patients through varied age groups including women during pregnancy. Dr. Sivani Payneni, Experienced Physician in Kondapur Hyderabad | Vito Clinic She holds expertise in treating Thyroid Disorders, Lipid Disorders, Hypertension, Complications of Diabetes & Diet counseling. Dr. Sivani has been associated with Dr. Mohan's Diabetes Center, Hyderabad through her Fellowship and was instrumental in setting up their new branch in Malakpet. Type 2 Diabetes Doctor in Kondapur | Vito Clinic She has treated more than 1500 patients during her tenure and is continuing to do so in her own establishment "Vito Speciality Clinics + Pharmacy" at Kondapur. In addition to her specialization in Diabetes management, Dr. Sivani Payneni attends to general ailments as a certified General Physician, in her establishment which supports various other disciplines. Vito Clinic - Contact Phone numbers: +9140 4850 1335 +91 8247 445 934 Vito Clinic is an ideal medical center space solution for medical and wellness in Kondapur Hyderabad Vito Medical coworking can horde varied expertise, with a general physician, psychologists, physical therapists, neurologists, gastroenterologists, surgeons, internists, pediatricians, and many others which means that patients can plan appointments for the same day with multiple doctors and save their valuable time and travel cost as well. Apart from this, as we have in-house pharmacies as well, any pharmacist who wants to start up a store but does not have much amount to invest in can definitely join us and grow their business. All these services have one thing in common: They add to an enhanced patient experience. In today’s healthcare, patients are empowered by alternatives. With both conventional and emerging schemes – such as retail clinics– the patient know-how becomes a key differentiator, and thus it’s a significant competitive advantage. Get Treatment from Best Multispeciality Hospital in Kondapur now: Talk to Diabetologist and General Physician in Kondapur Hyderabad now - Consult Endocrinologist in Kondapur Hyderabad now - Book Appointment with Paediatric Doctor in Kondapur Hyderabad - Meet Skin Doctor in Kondapur - Book Appointment with Best Gynecologist in Kondapur - Get Medical Advice and Heart Care with Top Cardiologist in Kondapur - Vito Clinic Address: Plot No. 1492, 1st Floor, High Tension Road, Above Global Diagnostics Centre, Raja Rajeswari Nagar, Kondapur, Hyderabad, Telangana - 500 084. Mon to Sat : 09:00 AM - 10:00 PM +9140 4850 1335 +91 8247 445 934 Mail Id: