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London, England (January 29, 2010) - 24 7 parking, experts in finding affordable long term parking in London, comment today on the news that local councils are demanding an increase in monetary penalties for parking fines to help them raise more money. The British Parking Association is requesting talks with Transport Minister, Sadiq Khan, to review the current parking charges for councils outside of London. Away from the capital, there are currently two tiers of fine that can be issued to those who commit parking offences - a £40 fine for minor offences and a £70 for serious misdemeanours such as parking on double yellow lines. 260 councils outside of London currently have the power to control parking in their constituencies and keep the money raised through parking fines. They argue, however, that the £328 million raised last in 2009 wasn't enough to cover operating costs, and are looking at scrapping the minor offences charge band - meaning the minimum fine for a parking offence would be a staple £70. "Councils have long used parking fines as a sneaky way to generate income and, sadly, it's looking like they're embracing the method to raise capital from the public in the long term," said Peter Cooper of 24 7 Parking. "It'll be interesting to see what Mr. Khan makes of the intended proposals and if the councils have any weight behind their argument. Luckily, 24 7 Parking can help people when it comes to looking for secure and cheap parking spaces in their area. It makes sense pre-booking your parking so as your money doesn't find its way into the pockets of local traffic wardens!" To find out more about 24 7 Parking, please visit: http://www.247parking.com/ or call 0207 183 7247 for a quote. About 24 7 Parking: