26 Bars & a Band

26 Bars & a Band is a leading maker of modern pet accessories and widely regarded for its design, innovation, and customer focus. Changing the face literally of the plain, boring retractable dog leash with its best-selling Avant Garde™ series, 26 Bars & a Band proved that dog owners who love fun and hip designs do not have to settle for the ordinary. When “numbers guy” Mike Kaneko met “design girl,” Sandi, his future wife, little did he know that their opposing talents would work to create a common vision for business: to create products that inspired them. Who knew that their love for animals and good design would translate into a modern brand of pet accessories? What began out of their garage in 2004, has grown to encompass award-winning Avant Garde™ retractable leashes, dog harnesses, and Paul Frank-licensed pet products. 26 Bars & a Band products have been featured on The Today Show and Elle magazine and have received "Most Innovative Retractable Dog Leash," "Product of the Year," and "Editor's Picks" awards. The company continues to grow and innovate with new product ideas but never loses its sense of where it comes from. Mike and Sandi’s love of animals sparked the idea for the company, and they have their 4 rescue pets to thank for putting it in their minds.