A Day of Bliss Wedding Photography by Wolfgang Freithof Studio

New York wedding photographer Wolfgang Freithof has accepted three European weddings this upcoming season. Paris and Vienna are to be the locations of the upcoming nuptials and Wolfgang is looking forward to the challenges these foreign locales will bring. When asked about shooting such an important occasion in a foreign country New York photographer Freithof is nonchalant, “It's always a great challenge to go to a foreign destination, find a special place to shoot and translate the bride's vision into a creative and memorable photographic piece of art - bringing the special bond of a couple into the foreground. I do this by using the location as a scenic setting to enhance the impact of the photograph to be shared and enjoyed for a long time to come....” While Mr. Freithof clearly understands the importance and pressures involved with an overseas shoot he is noted for his innate ability to capture the essence of a place with his couple in contrasting and complimentary foreground. These skills are unequivocal and in huge demand globally and so Freithof takes on the world. When asked about whom he will photograph and how he chooses which couples will enjoy Freithof crafted photographs for the rest of their lives, Mr. Freithof is emphatic, “I don’t choose based on fame or money, for me the wedding couple is the centre of the event. If they are in love and they have chosen a unique setting for me that is the best reward. So how do I choose my couples? Well, partly I get a sense of the couple and the family and then I look at what we have to work with in terms of location. Europe is of course wonderful” Mr. Freithof goes on to describe his delight in working with European locations so often rich in history, scenery and culture, many locations have served as backdrops for his fashion images before. Ancient architecture, he says, creates an incredible backdrop and of course there is no better place for ancient splendour than Europe. He suggests that brides and grooms considering a Freithof portfolio watch the A Day of Bliss website for updates of the European Tour.