A&V Granite Importers Ltd

Why should I choose slabs from A& V Granite? A&V Granite Importers is the premier provider of quality granite and marble slabs and tiles for the construction and renovation industry in Canada. We supply slabs to over 600 countertop fabricators in Canada. With more than 450 colors of granite, we offer uncompromised quality and the largest choice of granite slabs for our customers and we are proud to be the supplier of choice for our customers Why should I choose slabs from A& V Granite? Quality of our granite slabs A&V Granite is recognized for the quality and variety of its stone slabs. Our experienced team of stone inspectors checks and assures the quality of each slab prior to shipment from the stone quarries and stone processing facilities to our warehouse. At A&V Granite importers we bring only water cut granite slabs where water is exclusively used for cutting and polishing of granite products. This has been the industry-accepted method for processing granite. There are some stone processors who use kerosene in place of water as a medium for cutting. A&V Granite Importers do not import or sell Kerosene cut Granite slabs. Because of the porous nature of granite, although the kerosene cannot be seen on the surface, the kerosene does remain within the granite. By following the Kerosene cutting process, the Stone processor can save up to 40% of the cost of cutting tools and this, in turn, can result in the lower-priced granite. But the kerosene cut granite is much inferior to water cut granite due to the following reasons - The polished surface, which normally lasts for years, will begin showing dull patches within 18 to 24 months on kerosene processed granite. In many cases, the polish is lost on the entire batch of granite giving a honed rather than polished finish. - When kerosene processed granite is used over traditional radiant heating systems, the kerosene will slowly evaporate out of the granite causing health hazards and unpleasant odors. At A&V Granite importers we bring only First Choice Grade Natural stone products. For the First Choice Grade stone, the polishing should be of a high gloss standard and there should be no visual defects in the material. Wastage will be minimum. Commercial Quality usually means that there will almost certainly be some obvious defects such as small natural hairline cracks and maybe some blotches, clouds, or possibly lines in the material. The wide selection of granite colors At A&V Granite Importers, We carry over 450 natural stone colors from different parts of the world. We have a well-balanced collection of traditional and exotic stones. Our policy of Attention to detail As a leading supplier of Granite slabs for countertops, we ensure that our granite slabs meet the required specifications needed for producing a quality product. We ensure strict quality guidelines for the size, thickness, and finishing of our slabs. This policy of attention to detail helps us to remain as the supplier of choice for our clientele who, in return, can offer amazing countertops to their own clients. Caring, Flexible customer service At A&V Granite Importers, we understand how important it is for you to select a granite color that brings complete satisfaction to you. Our experienced and knowledgeable sales team will gladly help you to select the Granite slabs for your requirement. We will ensure that you will get a clear view of the slabs and can even show you how your Granite will look like in natural daylight.