Abulhoul Thermal Paper Roll

Thermal Papers rolls are widely used on different electronic machines and devices for the purpose of recording information. Cash Register Rolls, Point of Sale Rolls, Journal Rolls, Adding Machine Rolls, Tele-fax Rolls, ATM Rolls. Abulhoul Thermal Printing press produces a wide range of Thermal printing thermal paper rolls products of high quality. printing Thermal Paper rolls are different types of base paper with different sizes can be manufactured for the required application.For more Details please visit www.abulhoul.ae (or) mail @ Contact No: +(971) 4 282 9400 Tags : thermal paper rolls suppliers in Dubai , thermal paper rolls wholesale, thermal paper roll sizes, thermal paper manufacturers, thermal paper rolls UAE, thermal paper rolls price, thermal roll 80x80, pos paper rolls, Thermal paper rolls Suppliers ,Thermal paper rolls Manufacturers, Thermal paper rolls Suppliers Dubai, UAE, Thermal paper rolls Manufacturers Dubai, UAE