Add Height

Add Height Insoles vs. the Competition Short of surgery or questionable drugs, the only way to actually make yourself taller is to give yourself a boost with your shoes. Although there are a number of shoe options that add height, they are not created equal. Add Height shoe lifts are different because of the way that they comprehensively enhance your appearance, boost your confidence and provide essential support to your entire foot structure. The Difference of Design Add Height insoles and shoe lifts edge out the competition because of their multi-layered, unique patent pending design that provides the wearer support just where they need it most. Gone are the days when you have to sacrifice comfort for the sake of fashion. Our design starts with a solid layer of our patent pending polyvinyl foundation. By the nature of their very function, height increasing insoles alter the position of the foot within a shoe, so it is essential to be able to hold the foot in place for maximum comfort, which is one of the benefits of this material as the foundation layer. The middle layer of silicone gel acts as a shock absorber, while a thick top layer of memory foam tailors the Add Height insoles to your particular foot structure. It contours to your foot, making sure that support is distributed appropriately, with particular attention given to the heel and arch. Other shoe lifts inserts use memory foam, but the difference lies in the thickness. The greater the amount, the more durable and more comfortable, which is one thing we offer with our design. Shoe lifts will give you height. Add Height’s shoe lifts give you the height you desire but also helps with knee, joint, ankle and back support because of their cutting-edge design. Subtle Change to Make a Big Difference It’s possible to use elevator shoes, for instance, to add height. No question that elevator shoes provide a similar solution to our height insoles, but our shoe lifts provide some very different benefits. The key difference? Discretion. Elevator shoes will provide several inches to the wearer, but they are easily recognizable. Deciding to enhance your appearance by adding height is nobody’s business, but your own, and our shoe lifts offer a classy, subtle and comfortable alternative. Elevator shoes offer limited choice in terms of fashion and style; our shoe lifts inserts literally go where you do, in whatever shoes that match your style- including dress shoes, casual shoes, boots and athletic shoes. Good Value Not only do our Add Height insoles add inches to your height, increase your confidence and provide excellent ergonomic foot support, they also are inexpensive. One pair of Add Height insoles costs less than a tank of gas. Our shoe lifts inserts are fully transferable between all of your shoes, so they provide a very cost-effective solution. If it's time for a boost in confidence and a drastic change in your lifestyle, try out Add Height’s insoles today and see life from a different point of view.