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Cheshire, UK – During a time of recession led austerity, businesses are constantly on the look out for ways to improve their sales and profits without breaking the bank in the process. SEO and SEO link building are not only inexpensive but, done properly and professionally, can generate a lot of targeted traffic with visitors poised to make their move and complete the purchasing or ordering process. SEO is a medium to long term play. Businesses typically need to wait weeks or months before they really start to reap the rewards of an SEO campaign, but with patient and ethical link building throughout this time it is possible to hit the top for some of their most competitive and most beneficial keywords. Around 80% of visitors to the average website come from search engines with the remainder made up of direct traffic, surf through traffic, and other referrals. Even some of the more niche SEO keywords can generate hundreds or even thousands of visitors every month and the more competitive terms will enjoy many times this number of searches. SEO and SEO link building can be inexpensive. Using a professional, white hat service that employs ethical techniques will also ensure that SEO results are long term. A website can continue to enjoy search traffic for several years even after a campaign is complete. This combination means that businesses embarking on an effective SEO campaign can enjoy tens of thousands of visitors for very little when compared to using other marketing methods. This is why SEO has proven so popular and continues to be one of the most popular forms of online advertising. About the Company Add People is an online marketing agency providing, among other services, an extensive range of SEO and SEO link building campaigns. They have successfully helped businesses and websites to reach the top of the search results and generate large amounts of traffic for very little cost. More details can be found at the company website