Al Siamon

Help Your Body Fight Disease What happens when I take Balance 7™? * Boost pH levels in the body * Higher pH stimulates the immune system * Immune system attacks invading disease conditions A wide range of degenerative diseases thrive in an acidic (unbalanced pH) environment. Eliminate the unbalanced condition with Balance 7™. * Launch your fight for acid – alkaline balance with Balance 7™ * Balance 7™ is the fastest and simplest way to boost alkalinity * Body metabolic processes perform at best levels * Trigger response of the immune system * Experience the body’s powerful ability to fight disease Safe Blend of Minerals and Water What is BALANCE 7? * Special blend of all-natural minerals in water * pH level of 11.0 – 11.3 * Designed to stimulate production of alkalinity buffers This safe-to-use high pH blend of minerals has a pH range slightly higher than 11.0 that demonstrates the ability to boost body pH level fast. Triggers Body Production of Alkalinity How Does Balance 7 Work? When Balance 7™ is ingested, it dramatically dilutes the acid in the stomach, triggering the body’s mechanism for producing more acid. This process also results in a corresponding equal production of alkalinity within the body. * Trigger body’s own production of alkalinity * Neutralize areas of excessive acidity * Balanced pH levels stimulate immune system * Immune system more effectively fights all disease conditions The result of this Balance 7™ newly produced alkalinity; a powerful dynamic for healing is created. A properly pH-balanced body enables the immune system to effectively combat toxins, diseases, parasites and other harmful foreign invasions in order to maintain a healthy system. No known harmful pathogens can survive in the human body with a pH near 7.0.