SynapseTalent Voice over and Multimedia Services is a professional production company, specializing in delivering all aspects of a high-quality Voice over for any occasion. With nearly a decade of experience, we are a quick, efficient, and all-in-one stop for clients needing a quality Voice over with a quick turnaround. From start to finish, SynapseTalent Voice over and Multimedia Services handles every step of completing a high-quality and professional audio clip, from sourcing talent, to recording takes, and finally, mixing and mastering an audio file ready for use. Our talent is sourced globally, with voice actors available in over 25 languages. All professional voice actors are sourced for their eloquence, fluency, and native ability with the language. The diversity of our talent pool, which ranges language, age, and gender, ensures that we have the right voice for your product. Our studio spaces are professionally equipped and staffed, and possess all of the recording equipment needed to deliver an excellent audio file. Our sound bank – available to browse online – features samples of our voice actors’ professional samples, and is a great example of the kind of quality work our clients have come to expect. We are experienced working in a variety of media: past projects have included – but are not limited to – audiobooks, cartoons, corporate videos, documentaries, podcasts, videogames, and much more. Our clients are equally varied and vast, as we have serviced advertising agencies, financial firms, government organizations, schools, and more. As such, we understand the unique needs of each client, and each project. We work with each client individually, ensuring that we deliver a product guaranteed to their satisfaction. Our staffs are dedicated professionals, who have completed work internationally. We pride ourselves on delivering knowledge, value, speed, and convenience. We are happy to provide quotes for our professional voice over services. For more information on our services, technical specifications, or how to get involved, please do not hesitate to contact us.