Alex Hern San Diego

Website : Address : 2683 Via de La Valle, Suite G423, Del Mar, CA 92014 Phone : (646) 714-7700 Alex Hern of San Diego is founder and CEO of Tsunami XR, an advanced technology firm offering communications and augmented/virtual reality software. A lifelong entrepreneur, Alex Hern of San Diego has focused his career on the incubation of technology companies and technological advances. He is proud that many of these endeavors have been implemented by large corporations, such as Hewlett-Packard and MSN. Mr. Hern’s current company, Tsunami XR, offers powerful collaborative workplace solutions for business activities from large tasks to small strategic meetings. The software creates a platform for teams to design complex products, increase operational efficiencies, and improve productivity. Alex Hern of San Diego is excited about the new venture as he enjoys being on the front-end of technological advances; he believes that software solutions will continue to transform the way business is conducted with future innovations in virtual reality and artificial intelligence.