All Pro Eating

All Pro Eating is the world’s only recognized Independent Competitive Eating organization and has been involved with more than 500 Competitive Eating contests, events and television projects all over the world in addition to officially verifying Eating Record attempts. Each All Pro Eating event showcases their Picnic Style Rules, which have been trademarked by All Pro Eating to standardize the sport of competitive eating. All Pro Eating Promotions "Eatertainers" (event participants) along with their events and contests have been featured in all forms of major world-wide media. All Pro Eating has created long standing relationships with many media contacts and is frequently cited as an authority and referenced when discussing the sport of Competitive Eating. APE's approach to Competitive Eating events and contests provides a fair, entertaining and exciting atmosphere for the event Sponsors, the media, the audience and the participants. All Pro Eating Competitive Eating events and contests are sports entertainment events, and as such, should be accessible by anyone who wishes to compete and who meets the registration requirements. All Pro Eating has some of the World's top Competitive Eaters participate in our events and contests. These "Food Warriors" each have a rich resume of eating accomplishments and many hold national and world eating records. APE Competitive Eaters understand that Competitive Eating is a sport along with being an entertaining and spectacular way to deliver a lasting impression on consumers.