Developed by Master Herbalists, Alovitox seeks to redefine how we cultivate and consume our food and nutrients by delivering high quality, nutrient rich products. The name, Alovitox, is derived from three words - Aloe Vera, Vitamin and Detoxification. Aloe Vera, a wild plant grown in tropical climates, symbolizes nature as it is one of the most beneficial plants the planet has to offer. Vitamins, the building blocks of your body, symbolize the vitality needed for your survival and growth. Detoxification, the process in which we successfully rid our bodies of toxins, symbolizes the need to expel impurities for a cleaner life. Too often these days, food is packed full of chemicals and impurities that are no good for your body, mind, and spirit. They impede your growth and can be harmful and detrimental to many vital areas of your body. Alovitox seeks to combat this by providing natural foods, sourced from natural and organic farms to help you build a better life for yourself with increased vitality and longevity.