Amazing Internet Ltd

Amazing Internet is a leading web design company specialising in the arts sector, particularly photography. Their series of pioneering products provide the solutions needed to enable photographers to spend their time taking photographs rather than fretting over how to build a site. Because these sites work fast, look superb, are easy to use and are updateable by the user, they have already attracted several hundred photography clients. In addition to building award-winning web sites and other web-based developments, the company provides broader IT and graphic design services. But its core business is firmly based in providing high-end web, technical and design solutions for those involved in the arts, ranging from individuals to corporate bodies. Their products can be seen in detail at - under ‘Photographer Services’. As well as the Portfolio Series, Amazing Internet also offers Amazing Photo Store, a powerful and flexible print ordering system that can be attached to any existing website and custom designed sites for the discerning professional where a unique design and build is required.