American High Performance Seals

For over 20 years, American High Performance Seals has been working with our customers to meet their operational goals by improving the performance of their seals. We make it our business to understand our customers’ applications and requirements, and we design and manufacture the best seal for each customer’s specific needs. Our Products American High Performance Seals specializes in rotary seals and precision hydraulic and fluid seals made of high-performance elastomers and engineering plastic materials up to 250? (6.3m) in diameter. We offer standard seals and application-specific sealing solutions to meet industry’s most challenging fluids, pressures, surface speeds and temperatures. Our easy ordering process and fast reaction time mean that we can get the seals to you right when you need them – whether it’s in a few weeks, a few days, or, in some cases, even a few hours. Our commitment to quality, service, and on-time delivery is unmatched. Our People Our people reflect knowledge, skills, talent, and commitment – making them our most critical asset. We employ a staff of highly trained professionals with diverse backgrounds and years of experience in the seal industry. Many of our employees have 15-20 years with the company, and our level of growth has also allowed us to hire and train new talent, who are the seal experts of the future. When you choose American High Performance Seals, our team will walk you through the process of determining the size, type, and profile of the seal required for your application. They will recommend the material that is best for accomplishing your needs. Over the past 20+ years, we have become a valued source of knowledge to many of our customers who rely on us to develop seals that enable their products to perform better, even in demanding environments. Our Materials Our large inventory consists of a wide variety of raw materials in various sizes. We carry more than 100 standard seal profiles in dozens of material types, including: High-performance thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer Hydrolysis-resistant thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer High-temperature polyurethane Low-temperature thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer Nitrile rubber elastomer Viton® Fluoro rubber elastomer High-temperature nitrile rubber EPDM ethylene propylene rubber Silicone rubber Acetal polyoxymethylene thermoplastic polymer Nylon polyamide engineered plastic UHMW-PE, Phenolic Teflon®/PTFE and Filled Teflon High-temperature engineered plastics PEEK polyetheretherketone Food-quality materials Engineering plastic materials Quality Assurance American High Performance Seals has specific quality procedures in place to ensure every seal that leaves our building meets our stringent quality expectations. We comply with ISO-9001 standards for quality management.