Andrus Wagstaff, PC

Andrus Wagstaff, PC is a national mass tort and personal injury law firm that is proud to stand on the side of justice for those who have been injured by defective and dangerous products and medications. We are strong advocates for consumer rights and believe that manufacturers should be held accountable for producing and distributing products that are unsafe for people to use. With 40 years of experience assisting clients to resolve their claims, we have built a strong reputation as effective and dedicated legal counsel. When many plaintiffs face serious injuries due to the same defective product or act of negligence, it usually is in their best interest to take part in a mass tort litigation to increase their legal power and ability to fight large corporations by mounting group litigation against these negligent corporations. Mass tort lawsuits can involve up to thousands of individual clients who are seeking compensation for their injuries. We have the legal expertise and financial resources necessary for managing large, complex cases against the nation’s largest corporations. Andrus Wagstaff has served as Court-appointed Plaintiffs’ Lead Counsel in state and federal coordinated, multi-district and complex litigation across the United States.