Aplos Software, LLC

At Aplos, we believe in changing the world by making it simpler to manage nonprofits and churches. We make it faster and do the hard part so you can focus more on your mission. Built for Nonprofits. It's no coincidence that Aplos meets the needs of nonprofits. That's exactly who we build it for. When Tim Goetz couldn't find a simple fund accounting software for the nonprofits and churches he worked with, he started Aplos Software to build it. He believed that every church and nonprofit, no matter their size, should have the software they need to easily manage their organization. After the company's founding in 2009, Aplos released its web-based, nonprofit software in 2011. Backed by $3.4 million in funding, Aplos has served over 40,000 nonprofits with software that is simple, trusted, and uses the best available technology.