The evolving technology landscape, the proliferation of devices and the exponential growth of data have brought us great benefits and offer enormous opportunities, however their use also exposes us to more significant risks. The media regularly present us with examples of organizations that have suffered financial loss and reputational damage as a result of problems arising from exploitation of their information technology systems, whether as a result of human error, malicious actors or some other form of technology systems failure. Governments and regulators are engaging and are increasingly calling on businesses to take action to protect both their own assets and those of their employees. A good risk management program should establish clear communications and situational awareness about near term and long-term cyber risks. This allows for risk decisions to be well informed, well considered, and made in the context of organizational objectives, such as opportunities to support the organization's mission or seek business rewards. Risk management should take a broad view of risks across an organization to plan for appropriate resource allocation, improve risk mitigation, and highlight accountability. Ideally, operational cyber security risk management helps identify risks early and implement appropriate remediation to prevent incidents or limit their impact. A precursor to sound operational cyber security risk management is having a deep understanding of the overall threat landscape within the organization and the analytical tools to contextually anticipate and interpret risk. Apvera Insight360™, the Solution Apvera Insight360™ is a next generation threat intelligence and operational risk mitigation platform that provides organizations with proactive identification of potential threat activity resulting from inadequate or failed internal processes, people and systems, or from external or internal events. By understanding user behaviour and activity in relation to corporate policies and services, Apvera Insight360™ provides context and insight in real-time for any anomalous behavioural usage patterns that may be deemed a threat. Threats are proactively alerted for high-risk employees, events or systems and preventative measures implemented in real time ensuring compliance with corporate and regulatory policies. Organizations are provided with the ability to prioritize, drive security operations and audit malicious activities through the platform’s historical data retention and forensic analytics capabilities. Protecting organizations from threats requires knowing exactly what data users can access, how it’s used, and how it moves around the corporate environment. Apvera Insight360™ leverages analytics to understand user behaviour to anticipate and prevent future security breaches by identifying irregularities.