Art Unified

Swedish-born artist Johan Andersson and Los Angeles entrepreneur and musician Patrick Felder founded Art Unified with the objective of providing emerging and established artists with new opportunities. Too often during his artistic pursuits, Andersson has been forced to rely on gallery exhibitions to sell artwork, struggling with the notion of breaking beyond the four walls of the gallery while still being able to further his career as an artist. How come there aren’t more ways for artists to promote and sell their work? Why is it so difficult for artists to increase awareness and generate buzz? Why doesn't art have a bigger role in everyday life? Art Unified was created to address these problems - to narrow the gap between art creators and art lovers, providing talented artists different opportunities to reach new audiences. Art Unified is built on the belief that art should be seen by everyone all over the world, encouraging new emerging collectors to come forward, while giving greater visibility to artists who deserve a higher traffic platform to exhibit. No VIP-only events or exclusivity, instead embracing incredible art in everyday amazing spaces, giving art back to the people and revolutionizing what it means to exhibit.