Artsyl Technologies, Inc.

Artsyl Technologies, Inc. (Artsyl) is an innovative document and data capture ISV. With a network of over 100 national and international resellers spanning North and Latin America, Asia and Europe, Artsyl is positioned to take a leading role in the ever changing capture technology market. Artsyl was established in 2002 specifically to address the need for advanced capture technology which was easier to install, configure and support while at the same time also being simpler to use and more cost effective than currently available competitive technologies. All of Artsyl’s products use the most current development technologies such as Microsoft .NET and Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) to deliver highly scalable and easily integrateable solutions. Artsyl has two flagship products. SimpleCapture, which is targeted at the SMB market where ease of installation, lack of IT support and quick user adoption are pivotal issues to address, is a desktop data capture product which installs on a Windows workstation and contains all the necessary components to perform advanced data capture while still being extremely intuitive and user-friendly. docAlpha, which is targeted toward departmental and enterprise needs, is a highly scalable, client-server, fully automated data capture platform. With docAlpha you can configure a centralized or distributed scanning and validation architecture utilizing the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) architecture to scan and process jobs safely and securely either on your local intranet or over the public internet. docAlpha can scale from 1 user to thousands of users scanning, processing and validating from anywhere in the world. Artsyl is known for its cutting edge technology. Self-learning modules like Auto-Find which allows an end-user to train the solution on new documents rather than requiring programmatic fine-tuning is a key differentiator. The use of parallel processing and advanced neural networks also sets Artsyl apart from the rest of the competition. Try Artsyl technology today and see why we are quickly becoming a name in the ever changing Capture industry.