Automated Vehicle Recall Center LLC

Automated Vehicle Recall Center (AVRC) offer an automated solution for automakers to facilitate a cost-effective and streamlined solution for recalls to help protect them from the quickly spiraling financial and labor burdens related to such recalls. Quite simply, a single large scale recall can cost millions of dollars and thousands of man hours. AVRC however, helps automakers avoid 90% of these costs. How? By interconnecting the manufacturer, distributor, dealer and customers with our software system to provide a quicker and more cost effective recall solution. In the event of a recall, an automaker simply uses our website to enter the primary information about the recall like make, year, and model. AVRC’s interconnected software then automates the rest by locating and contacting the owners of any recalled vehicles. We even automate paying for the needed repairs by handling the payments with the individual service centers, saving both the automaker and their customers time. As you can see, AVRC simply eliminates the significant burdens that manufacturers currently face in the event of a recall. Only a brief 10 minutes is required to initiate the recall and AVRC handles everything else, including payments to service centers!