AutoNebula is a Business Accelerator focused on Connected Transport. We have a physical infrastructure to incubate up to 20 start-ups in Pune and subsequently in Washington USA. We provide a range of incubation services, including seed finding, workshops conducted by global experts, mentorship and networking. Our Vision: Our vision is a world, where multiple high quality and eco-friendly options exist for safe and convenient travel and transport of people, animals as well as goods; and where these options are readily available, highly reliable, and extremely cost efficient. Our Mission: Our mission is to encourage ‘connectedness’ throughout the transportation ecosystem; identify, initiate, and continue dialogue and partnerships across public and private sectors for the promotion of sustainable modes of transport, infrastructure, and traffic management. Our Purpose: We believe in encouraging new founders, startups as well as established companies involved in innovative solutions to problems in the “Connected Transport” domain. Autonebula achieves that by providing a one-stop-shop platform bringing together all critical stakeholders in this ecosystem, namely, the startup founders, expert and specialist mentors from all over the world, the investment community, potential customers, regulatory authorities, and industry associations. Our ecosystem and partnerships are ready to promote products and services across multiple countries.