Ays Technology Pvt. Ltd., A 10 year old software Development Company providing solutions to work continuously and 100% own software for MLM industry in India and abroad. As a policy matter since the beginning of the AYS Technology not just MLM software but HMS and WMS software. Our MLM software is a soft stone for people who see the future and the real power of MLM and decided to work exclusively on software solutions for companies in MLM industry. The motto of this policy is the knowledge and our strong and stable position in the industry. In fact, we confirmed with pride as pioneers in the MLM software. AYS technology is the only solution in India MLM software that only works for the MLM industry develops software for any type of MLM system, both online and offline, with a variety of options and features. You can use the services of this site. Ays technology consists of a large number of qualified professionals to meet the challenges of industry compliance and to test in the last 10 years against a variety of customers in India and providing hundreds of customers; all types of plans, payment systems, online or offline so please check our detailed services section MLM. Besides the above, the AYS Technology is also equipped with fire professionals come at any time for crisis management services. In the recent times, we have been accepting many take-over projects. The takeover projects are like, a running MLM Company having spurious software solutions, hang up situations, interrupted services, inaccurate calculations etc, will approach us for a better software solutions. AYS Technology ready to accept this kind of challenges and do over ride the situations with proper & perfect replacement software's. This is being proven again & again with many successful stories. Recently, we have much to accept the proposed acquisition. The planned acquisitions are an MLM company with software solutions running false accident situations, operation services, incorrect calculations, etc., come to us for a better software solution. AYS Technology willing to accept the problems and situations not to go with the right software and a perfect replacement. This is proven time and again with the many success stories. Address: 3-A, Godhara Colony, Ram Nagar, Sodala, Jaipur 302019 (Rajasthan) Phone: (0141) ************ Call: +91- 8890323324 Website:www.aystechnology.com E-mail: aysmlm@gmail.com