B2B Soft

At B2Bsoft, we provide a complete line of software development services across established and emerging technologies, ranging from corporate information systems to specific solutions for vertical markets to Internet, handheld and wireless. B2Bsoft's proprietary technical solutions allow us to implement high-performance, robust applications for our clients in record time. Our staff of business analysts, programmers, quality assurance experts, art directors, designers, content developers and marketing sales professionals with extensive experience in retail and the cellular/wireless industry combines its unique talents to fulfill the promise of our company name. Employees of B2Bsoft enjoy the privilege of using the latest state of the art computer technology in order to meet the goal of providing the best service possible to our clientele. At B2Bsoft, our primary goal is to help our clients succeed in business. By using our software for the cellular industry, clients can access their business data securely from any computer - at home, the office or anywhere in the world. B2Bsoft provides complete business class services, including daily backups, hosting and database maintenance. At B2Bsoft, our customers motivate us to create products that will meet their individual business needs. Through our close relationships, we are always connected to the most important needs of our clients