Are you looking for better returns over traditional guaranteed interest products, like GIC’s and government bonds but don't want to take any risks? Are you afraid you might outlive your retirement savings? Are you using non-registered fixed income investments to supplement your retirement income? Are guarantees important to you? Are you becoming more and more frustrated with the increasing cost of living along with what low interest rates and the volatile stock markets are doing to your retirement income? Do you find yourself loosing sleep and worrying about market conditions? Do you want to maximize your after-tax retirement income? Are you in a high marginal tax bracket? Do you want to preserve your wealth for your family? Are you concerned about the transfer of your assets to the next generation? Do you have a charitable urge? If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions then an annuity could be the answer. Our goal is to continue to maintain a leadership role as Canada's provider of annuities. When it comes to buying an annuity in Canada not all companies are created equally. Each insurer calculates their own annuity rates using the following criteria: the amount of money used to purchase the annuity the type of life annuity purchased current interest rates the ages of the annuitant(s) the present long-term bond rates expense and mortality experience of the company Some companies will offer better rates in certain age and gender classes. Other companies will offer better joint-life, single life, and/or term certain rates. That’s why when you purchase an annuity it is vital to shop the market. You want to get the best return for your dollar. Once you purchase an annuity there is no turning back. It's important for you shop the market and see which highly rated companies are offering the highest income for your individual needs. That's what we do! We are an independent annuity provider and do the research. We do not work for any particular company. We are in it to get you the best rates available.