Barry Andrews Homes, LLC

Your family’s life revolves around your home. It’s where you raise your children, where you keep them safe. It’s where you gather, where you cook up holiday meals, where you laugh. Your home is where you make many of the memories and traditions that you will past down to generations to come. Choosing a builder is crucial when looking to build your families dream home. There is no room for error when putting together the space that will define your family. And because the Barry Andrews Homes team builds each home like its own, you can rest assure your finished product will be nothing short of perfection. When building with our family, we will all be committing to build an environmentally sustainable home. Our team uses Energy Star labeled products and Energy Star appliances. Plus Energy Star approved light fixtures, CFL bulbs and water efficient fixtures. Our heating and cooling units are properly sized for your comfort and for air quality. Barry Andrews Homes always uses green products, such as low VOC paint and adds plenty of windows for natural light, reducing the use of artificial light through the day. We also use native plants and vegetation for landscaping. Going green means saving green – and a green Barry Andrews home means savings each month, an investment that will keep your family happy for a lifetime.