Best Hospital Advisor

Is a health care platform where consumers can access, provide feedback and engage in their own health care decision-making while health care providers can continuously improve their strategies to provide quality care services. There are many sites that help us choose and rate different products and services. Nevertheless finding modern consumer feedback mechanisms into the health sector for private and public use may seem to be a difficult task. Best Hospital Advisor comes to fill that empty space by developing a patient centric online system that incorporate key hospital performance indicators to assist patients in their review and decision-making process when choosing the right hospital or service that meets their needs. For example, measuring in-hospital infection rates or mortality rates for complex procedures can provide consumers with additional information to choose the hospital that will provide them with the highest quality of care. In an attempt to promote people engagement and participation in the health care system, BHA interface will provide feedback from patients about healthcare providers, benchmark hospital and healthcare provider performance using key quality indicators, and assist patients in reducing the asymmetry of information that is currently present in the healthcare system. By the development of this website, patients will have access to a centralized and integrated platform where they could find health care options to make informed decisions based on peer-reviewed feedback.