In 1989, three financial professionals in Cincinnati, Ohio, decided that the sports industry could provide them an alternative investment model that would return consistent and safe long-term financial gains. They started working on a system based on the analysis of certain trends in both the NBA (professional basketball) and Major League Baseball. The goal of the system wasn’t necessarily to win each game — the focus was not to LOSE a lot of games in a row. They figured that if they could develop a system in which long losing streaks were avoided, and then managed their risk by betting accordingly, they could use the sports betting medium to achieve their goals. They began by managing their own money, and the portfolios of their immediate families and close friends. After 16 years of exceptional results — they didn’t have a single losing streak of longer than 6 games) — the demands on the professionals became significant. It became very difficult to physically place hundreds of thousands of dollars in wagers on a daily basis (despite the fact that they had now relocated their practice to Las Vegas, NV). It was determined that, for the long-term health of the company, the responsibility to make the actual wagers would be placed in the hands of their clients — and the Web site was born. All existing Betbubbles clients were transitioned to receiving their information through the Web site, and the clients made their own wagers. (And nearly 3 years later, we still haven’t had a losing streak of longer than 6 games.) View all of Betbubbles’s results. Why Betbubbles? You can put your money into many different kinds of investments: stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, etc. As most savvy investors know, each of these markets involve some sort of risk. The extent to which you can manage this risk determines how much money you make (or lose). While the sports betting market is sometimes frowned upon by “serious” investors, Betbubbles has developed a model to manage these risks in a way that makes it an even SAFER (and much more lucrative) proposition than any of the markets mentioned above. PickLogic is not a “one-month wonder” — it takes a little while to make a very solid return (just like a safe investment), and the account balances of our clients continue moving upward steadily. (For example, our clients are up over 30% in 2007 alone.) Betbubbles clients see their money grow year-after-year, and understand the power of long-term returns versus unpredictable and erratic short-term results. Please note: Betbubbles is not a sports handicapper; handicappers only provide you with picks. We don’t make “Gold selections” or “10-star picks” or “locks of the week”. We don’t guarantee 100% of our picks will be correct — that’s just not realistic. Like successful money managers, we manage risk to produce the highest probability of a profitable outcome. (And unlike sports handicappers, we ensure that our clients know how to manage their money, all according to the exclusive Betbubbles model.) Our safe and effective model minimizes risk and maximizes return to the point that the employees of Betbubbles follow the system as well, and are living proof of its success.