Better Addiction Care

Better Addiction Care is a nationally recognized network of treatment centers. We are focused on patient recovery by utilizing the most advanced methods to provide you with the highest quality of treatment care. We at BAC are committed to the concept that the patient always comes first, in which we begin the process by getting to know the individual, learning their specific needs, determining the best treatment partners and therapies, and most importantly educating and guiding the patient on his or her new path to recovery. Better Addiction Care’s team of professionals have a combined 100-plus years of experience in the treatment industry. They are highly trained in identifying a patient’s needs, as well as matching him or her with the right treatment partner. Better Addiction Care partners with only the best-in-class treatment and mental health facilities across the country and boasts immediate facility admissions within the company’s extensive network of experts in the field. Founded by a team of addiction therapy experts and marketers with a passion for helping others, BAC aims to change and improve the treatment industry so that struggling individuals can get the help that they need both quickly and efficiently.