BigDataRevealed - DPIAComply

About DPIAComply DPIAComply is the GDPR, CCPA and General Regulatory Compliance (GRC) technology leader. We deliver the software companies need to become CCPA / GDPR Compliant by; Protecting via encryption your Customers’ Personal data and other valuable Corporate data assets; eliminating the need to re-write and re-architect your entire company’s Data Assets and ecosystem such as most; Financial, ERP, CRM, HR, Payroll, Big Data and many other 3rd party applications by building Proxy Servers to handle communication between your applications and your encrypted data. DPIAComply provides an innovative, comprehensive series of technologies to combat widespread hacking, which has now become an industry by itself (estimated to cost the world’s economy around 6 Trillion a year by 2021). In order to complete our products and combat hackers we had to adopt the same mindset as a hacker to build technology that thwarts their efforts while delivering Compliance to our Clients. DPIAComply’s Main Application supports most every JDBC Database, Big Data Hadoop’s HDFS, Hbase, MongoDB and others, while our Proxy Servers currently support MySQL and MongoDB with PostgreSQL and Oracle soon to follow. DPIAComply will continue to add SQL and Non-SQL Ecosystems to our Proxy Servers as requests and demands require. We are proud of our Proxy Servers and Application Architecture that is flexible and architected so that new Data Sources can be added within weeks of a request!