BioFuran Materials is developing a chemical manufacturing platform rooted in the intensive utilization of local resources. Using this platform, we seek to convert non-value discarded food wastes to renewable chemical building blocks that can be easily converted into biodegradable organometallics and organics that industry uses to make deicing salts, dehumidifying desiccants, secondary coolants, laboratory reagents, ceramic precursors, organic disinfecting bleaches, and therapeutics. The use of discarded foods in chemical manufacturing diverts and reduces the amount of municipal solid wastes that would otherwise end up at our landfills. At landfills, discarded organic foods slowly decompose releasing toxins to the air we breathe or into our fresh water where toxins may harm people. Hence BioFuran Materials' chemical manufacturing platform does not only help clean the air or cut down on air- or water-borne infections but the short chain fatty acid chemicals produced are superior (performance wise) and safer to use than the traditional mineral acid-based salts such as chlorides, fluorides, bromides, iodides, sulfates, and nitrates; that we have become accustomed on our roads, schools, airports, homes, businesses, hospitals, gyms, and everywhere else.