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Brad Halsey

Brad Halsey
CEO, Tech Garden
CEO and Founder, Building Momentum

Brad is at his best solving, or teaching others to solve, the hardest, most important, and the most time-critical technical problems out there. Brad prides himself as an experienced and extremely motivated scientist who thrives at leading teams of fellow scientists and engineers to develop bespoke technology to rapidly solve critical technology problems, especially in challenging, austere, and combat environments.

Brad is CEO of the non-profit called Tech Garden which is focused on providing the resources for teaching problem solving with tech to the community—especially underserved communities, veterans, educators, and kids.  Tech Garden aims to create project-focused build spaces—including a Mobile Tech Garden—where people learn how to create solutions using 3D printing, computer-aided-design software, welding, laser-cutting, Arduino micro controllers, soldering, metal and wood working tools, programming and Raspberry Pi, CNC milling, plasma torch cutting, Internet of Things, and other current and emerging technologies. 

Brad is also CEO of Building Momentum—a company providing world-class professional technology education through project/challenge-driven technology instruction.  Building Momentum also provides bespoke technology
Brad teaching soldiers in Iraq development and science and engineering consulting on a variety of topics such as mobile build-lab design and fabrication, 3D printing in combat, tagging/tracking/locating, open source technologies, power solutions, and internet of things.

Prior to these endeavors, Brad was the Program Manager (for over three years) for Exponent Inc. overseas engineering efforts (Expeditionary Engineering) in Afghanistan supporting the US Army's Rapid Equipping Force (REF) and the UK. Expeditionary Engineering program management includes recruiting, training, equipping, and deploying Ph.D. scientists and engineers to war zones and other austere environments to create, innovate, and design novel and unique solutions for the Warfighter in real-time on the battlefield or theater of operations.

Prior to becoming the Program Manager for Exponent’s expeditionary engineering projects, Brad spent eight months overseas in Iraq (2008) working as the Lead Engineer in the Army’s Rapid Equipping Force Laboratory. In addition to running and overseeing the Lab, Brad developed dozens of technologies for the military engaged in combat operations. These technologies included clandestine/overt surveillance, thermal imaging and analysis, tagging/tracking/locating, counter IED devices and materials, psychological operations and military deception, power solutions, vehicle enhancements, and others.

Along with program managing the REF Expeditionary Engineering effort, Brad managed large, multi-million dollar surveillance projects including the Rapidly Deployed Integrated Surveillance System (RDISS) and the Mid-Range Thermal Imager (MRTI). Brad has also successfully led teams to conduct "Red Teaming" projects that exploit current and emerging technologies demonstrating weaknesses and providing solutions, and a myriad of
Brad teaching TIG welding to an Army engineer other projects and technologies.

Before joining Exponent, Brad was a Senior Research Engineer at SRI International where he managed, led, and contributed to several government technology programs involving diverse teams of scientists, engineers, and disciplines.

Brad also served, prior to joining SRI International, as the Combat Systems Officer, Combat Information Center Officer, Intelligence Officer, and Electronic Warfare Officer onboard USS BRIDGE during OPERATION SOUTHERN WATCH.

Brad has a diverse background in chemistry, optics, and materials science, as well as rapid prototyping, field engineering, engineer and leadership training, program management, military technologies and operations, technology consulting, and military service (LT, USN).

Brad has specific scientific expertise in polymers, coatings/paints, novel coating application processes, linear and non-linear optical materials, material/chemistry characterization (FTIR, UV/Vis, NMR, ICP/MS, FESEM, GC/TOF/MS, IR radiometrology), biochemistry, infrared detectors, MEMs devices, nano and meso physiochemical systems, meta-materials, polyceramics, electrophoretic deposition, and military demonstrations, vehicles, operations, and technologies. He has managed and performed on projects with the Army, DARPA, ARL, NRL, SOCOM, and others involving military technologies and field tests.

Brad graduated from Vanderbilt University with an ACS accredited BS in Chemistry, is certified in SCUBA, and is a musician.