Tech Garden

Tech Garden is a non-profit focused on providing the resources for teaching problem solving with tech to the community—especially underserved communities, veterans, educators, and kids. Tech Garden aims to create project-focused build spaces—including a Mobile Tech Garden—where people learn how to create solutions using 3D printing, computer-aided-design software, welding, laser-cutting, Arduino micro controllers, soldering, metal and wood working tools, programming and Raspberry Pi, CNC milling, plasma torch cutting, Internet of Things, and other current and emerging technologies. All of our workshops are hands-on, build-while-learning challenges, competitions, or projects. From our Racing/Fighting Sumo Robot Competition - where you learn to program, solder, design a circuit, learn electricity 101, and power management - to our Build-Your-Own-Customized 3D Printer Challenge, you get to keep the tech you make, furthering your learning and continuing the creative process. We are always coming up with new workshops, challenges, and competitions, but here are a few of our favorites: Build Your Own Customized 3D Printer (from scratch!) Racing Arduino Robot Competition Welding Competition - Urban Canoe Race Fighting Sumo Robot Competition Laser Etched/Cut Arduino-Based Gear-Driven Clock 3D Printed Bridge Competition Raspberry Pi Retro Gaming Console RFID Pet Door Wine and Welding (make a wine rack) Build A Customized Vintage Guitar Tube Amp (create your own sound) Art and Welding 3D Printed Catapult Competition Fully Automated Desktop Greenhouse DIY Weather Station Wireless Security Camera Apollo 13 Challenge Wearables Competition Build Your Own Gaming/CAD Computer DIY Customized Guitar Effects Pedal (create your own sound) Create Your Own Circuit Board Project Tech Garden launched a Kickstarter to fund a Mobile Tech Garden that will travel around the region teaching these workshops. Kickstarter link is here: Tech Garden CEO and co-founder, Brad Halsey, is at his best solving, or teaching others to solve, the hardest, most important, and the most time-critical technical problems out there. R&D chemist-turned-battlefield scientist, Brad spent eight months in Iraq in 2008 solving Soldiers' problems with high, low, and sometimes no tech. He returned to his community to train and teach others how to solve problems and create solutions with tech.