Bitamulet Ltd

Bitamulet is a “new thing” in the place where art, fashion and spirituality meet. In essence, a Bitamulet is a symbol. It is formed by calculating the Cartesian (xyz) coordinates of the planetary bodies of our solar system at the place and time of a person’s birth, and then transforming them into a unique and fashionable art item. The simplest form of a Bitamulet is its 2d representation (‘image’). Anyone can generate their personal 2d Bitamulet for FREE at All that’s needed is the Bitamulet holder’s name and the exact place and time of your birth, and the Bitamulet will is sent via e-mail at no cost. The philosophy and energy focus of a Bitamulet can be experienced when it is formed as a jewel, that can be worn every day. This is made possible by using the owner’s birth time/place coordinates to create a 3d representation of the symbol. The central theme of the amulet is a unique solar system imprint at the time and place of birth, with the planets revolving around the sun at the central axis. The final touch in the creation of any Bitamulet jewel is left up to its owner through a selection of interesting variations on the central theme, the most popular ones being “Life Maze”, Life Ellipse” and “Sunlight Birth.”