Jaipur, August 2020: Blockchain community India (BCI) is an open-source platform that intends to encourage the collaboration of entrepreneurs with blockchain and AI-based solutions. As Blockchain and AI are transforming major businesses, BCI is an innovative start-up to showcase how technology can reinvent traditional businesses. Holding more than 11+ traditional businesses including Health, Education, finance, utility, e-commerce, banking etc. which will soon be integrated to advance blockchain technology and AI technology to dispense their services distinctively in the area of Payment gateways. The system works in synergy with both business minds and technocrats who make the system dynamic and more efficient. The USP of this initiative lies in its business model where each stakeholder/investor would have an equal say about the business. Like the concept of blockchain, instead of a centralised body controlling everything and every investor like a block will have their rights reserved to be part of making BCI a better platform. Along with investors, a core team works on making the whole process more feasible such as researching on different projects to invest upon and collecting its essential data and the rest decision depends upon the investors themselves. As every individual is responsible for all the investments the decision making is more precise and correct. The Blockchain Community India encourages all the Indian investors to experience the potential in the of technology and come forward and to collaborate as a member of the Blockchain Community India. As a partner, all you need to do is to download the secured e-wallet developed by BCI and add an amount to it. This amount would be your investment and can be used for any transaction. Also, the return on your investment will keep coming to you. So practically as a partner, your investment is near zero and while you still can be part of this advance tech journey with the experts. Since Blockchain Community India is a tech-based initiative they also nurture young minds and train them to be successful tech professionals. They regularly hold events such as Hackathon to find talent that can foster the growth of the company also give back to the community. The firm also collaborated with other AI and Blockchain communities to build a wholesome community where people can learn and engage in harmony. It is great time to invest in these two game-changing technologies - AI and blockchain as in near future business will be in separable without these technologies and with competition enter this market would be quite tough. Hence, this is the perfect time to invest and witness this epic journey along with being part of the journey. The possibilities in the business are endless and the Blockchain Community India strives to look beyond traditional business and bring on the table more profitable prospects. To Know more about Blockchain Community India visit our website