BLUE DOG MEDIA, LLC is a California production company founded by husband and wife, Callie and Leonardo Silva in 2018 and named after their blue pitbull Chloe. The couple desperately were searching for a creative outlet they could work on together. Callie, having been a producer for 10 years in film and tv, had a wealth of knowledge and success in the industry and saw a shift happening in how people were digesting media differently. They started to build a presence on Social Media and decided to expand. To help grow an umbrella for like minded creators to generate and manifest their dreams and ideas into reality. Blue Dog Media, LLC provides a wide array of media services. We develop and produce projects across a range of genres including digital content, print photography, promotional videos, training videos, event coverage, book publishing and more. We handle every aspect of the process from conceptualization to post production. Our vision is to create a media world full of prosperity, meaning, and connection for all.