Bluefront Capital

BLUEFRONT CAPITAL lanches VC Organizer Bundle to save Early Stage VCs time and money and encourage them to make new allocations. January 18th, 2011. Bluefront Capital LLC announced the official release of the new VC Organizer Bundle. Specifically designed for early stage investors, the VC Organizer Bundle streamlines the bookkeeping, operations and reporting on behalf of the portfolio companies, saving Venture Capital firms time and money. The due diligence, investment, reporting and “checking in” process of an early stage investor is both document and time intensive. Early stage startups must focus on developing their product and service offering as well identifying new clients to grow their revenues and often lack the skills and resources for proper financial organization and reporting to their investors. Bluefront Capital supports VCs and startups by organizing the financials and operations of the startups, as well as collecting, aggregating and providing reporting for the VCs. “We support early stage investors by managing back office, operations and financial reporting on behalf of their investment companies, enabling them to focus on strategic management and due diligence of new investments instead of doing laundry.” said CEO and Founder, Bluefront Capital LLC, Valentine Moroz. About Bluefront Capital LLC Bluefront Capital is an advisory firm dedicated to providing outsourced financial operations and risk management services to companies worldwide, which want to reduce operational expenses, improve the quality of profits, provide strong returns to their investors and preserve the capital base. For additional information: or email