BMS Computer & AV Rentals

"BMS Computer & AV Rentals is providing excellent computer equipment rental service for over three decades – from computer rental to renting the latest LCD projector. We are still changing, growing and improving our service. BMS Computer & AV Rentals is a 2nd generation, family-owned company founded in 1979. We were always the ones who dare to change and improve and in our early days, we knew how to recognize a great opportunity. The technology was changing at a very fast pace, but we always followed the latest trend and providing top-notch equipment to our customers. The early days saw a variety of business machines in the equipment rental world including electric typewriters and early word processors. As early adopters, we offered our clients the very best business computing available. The 80s ushered us into the 386 processor and dot-matrix printing. The early 90s brought in the 486 processors, affordable laser printers, and eventually, you had an option to upgrade to a color CRT monitor."