BookScribed LLC

BookScribed is a digital publishing company whose goal is to arm readers with all the tools they need to get the most out of their reading. Through BookBuddy, we offer analytical Sidekicks for today’s hottest fiction novels. These supplements pull away the frills and get you straight to the core of the book. What is beneath the surface is what sets a novel apart, and that is exactly what we give you: the themes, plot breakdown, and in-depth analysis that will deepen your reading experience. Our pieces are meant to be paired with the books they accompany, as a side dish rather than the main course. A Sidekick doesn’t replace its book, but enhances the enjoyment you get from it. Are you not sure if a novel is worth your time? We have you covered there, too. Our Expert Book Reviews go far beyond your typical “We like it” or “We don’t like it” piece. We don’t just comment on the book’s quality — we also give you pages and pages of deeper insight, along with a breakdown of the novel’s most memorable scene. Finally, we throw on our author costume and offer an alternative outcome for your consideration. Is our outcome more compelling, exciting, and fitting? That is for you to decide. Finally, our latest venture offers a different specialty. Our expert team of writers is hard at work creating original pieces, typically in the self-help realm that includes dieting, fitness, self-improvement, and much more. We are always expanding, so there is no end to what you may find between the covers of our original works. Whatever your lifestyle or reading preference, BookScribed has you covered, with publications in e-book, paperback, and audiobook format. Our writing team features the best in the industry, each chosen for their expertise and skills in a certain genre or format. Expert Book Reviews help you make an informed choice and then take your reading even further. BookBuddy is your go-to source for deep, contextual analysis of today’s hottest fiction. Finally, our original self-improvement works help you help yourself, no matter what guidance you need. BookBuddy, operating under the BookScribed umbrella, digs into today’s hottest fiction novels to help readers get the most from their reading experience. Our Sidekicks are chock full of deep analysis and will turn even slow reads into intellectually stimulating experiences.