boomerang carnets by Corporation for International Business

Corporation for International Business specializes in ATA Carnets and Customs Duty guarantees. An ATA Carnet allows samples, exhibit booths and demo equipment to clear customs import duty-, tax- and hassle-free and is accepted in 75+ countries for up to a year. CIB has branded its ATA Carnet services as boomerang carnets since every shipment that we deal with goes out and comes back to its country of exportation. Since 1987, CIB has grown to be the largest Carnet-issuing office in the U.S. and we’re the industry leader in all aspects of Carnet issuing. ATA Carnets make showing and demonstrating products abroad easier and cheaper. Without a Carnet your goods will be subject to import duties and taxes. Our ATA Carnet Specialists are trained in all aspects of Carnet use and are qualified to provide in-depth knowledge of Carnet bonding, of all 75+ Carnet countries, and travel insurance. In addition, we are licensed insurance brokers. Our other specialties include ATA Carnet surety bonds, cargo insurance, Carnet translations and Lost, Stolen or Destroyed Carnet Document Warranties. We are 100% American- and Family-Owned.