Borderless Access Panels Pvt Ltd.

Borderless Access is the Emerging Market online research specialist with over a decade long experience in building and maintaining panels across geographies and cultures. We have proprietary panels across 10 markets - Brazil, Russia, India, China (BRIC), Mexico, South Africa, Argentina, Indonesia, Turkey & Taiwan. Our global footprint and partnership lets us reach over 100 million consumers across 65 countries. Borderless Access is the only online panel company within the emerging markets to be listed as preferred vendor for several Honomichl research companies. Borderless Access is the chosen sample provider for top CPG & technology companies. We invest heavily in our panelists and help companies globally to fulfill their research needs by connecting with their consumers online. We have a rich experience in managing culturally diverse online projects ranging from standard to ad-hoc, trackers to dip stick studies. Borderless Access is the undisputed leader for online panels in these hard-to-reach markets with a significant representation of its population in our growing panel. With global experience, industry experts who have crossed cultural boundaries and succeeded in building a robust panel, Borderless Access is your one-stop survey partner in the emerging markets.