Botto's Italian Line Restaurant

Botto’s Italian Line Restaurant opened on February 7, 1998. The owner, Robert Botto Sr., created and designed the restaurant’s atmosphere. During his travels throughout the world, he brought together the beauty and style of two regions. While sitting at your table, enjoying the delicious cuisine, imagine sailing along the Italian Riviera underneath the beautiful stars in the night. The aroma given by our wonderful dishes and the sounds in the air will romance you. Robert Botto Sr. has brought back a time that was the Golden Age of this country, 1939. Along the walls is a part of history that is not forgotten. On his travels, Mr. Botto became friends with celebrities that have passed, but their sounds and deeds have not. During your time here, the Italian Riviera romances you and the Golden Age of 1939 dazzles you while on your wonderful trip of a time that has past, but not forgotten.